Work in Groningen

Work in Groningen can be found in a number of ways and a number of places. These days, however, finding work in Groningen starts very often online, by visiting one of the major job search engines or by online registration at a job agency in Groningen.

Some of the most popular job search engines and website are:

Major job agencies where you can find job offers, register to create an account with your CV, and apply for work in Groningen are listed below:

All the companies listed above are recommended by Gemeente Groningen when looking for work in Groningen and in the Netherlands.

You can find frequent job postings at and this is also a place for related networking. Feel free to visit my profile on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in work in Horeca, meaning working in one of those lovely pubs, clubs or restaurants in Groningen, horecagroningen list of job offes onlinegroningenyou can visit Horeca Groningen‘s websigte or press  here to find jobs, offers, vacancies and functions posted by the pubs, clubs and restaurants themselves. Work ranges from dishwashing, helping in the kitchen to running and managing restaurants.

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