How would the world look if we could see WiFi signals in color?

Have you ever wondered how would the world look if we could see all the surounding signals and transmission waves, including WiFi?

how would wifi signal look in colour
how would wifi signal look in colour.

On November 14th, 2015, Ben Taub from wrote:

“In this stunning series of images created by a Ph.D. candidate with the Architecture and Digital Design Group at Newcastle University, it’s actually possible to see what some of these imperceptible entities look like, revealing the surreal beauty of our digital world.

The images are created using the Kirlian Device, invented by Luis Hernan as part of hisDigitally Ethereal project. Consisting of an LED panel, the tool detects the strength of Wi-Fi signals and converts these into colored displays, with the weakest signals appearing blue and the strongest appearing red. By taking long-exposure shots of himself moving the device around, Hernan was able to document the contours of local networks, revealing the fluctuations in signal strength through space.”

Full article and some extra pictures you can find on the website of

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