Facebook pages I like and follow in Groningen

Facebook pages I like and follow online in Groningen as Online Groningen. By liking and following these pages I am hoping to stay up to date with news, events, projects, possible job opportunities in Groningen and in the province and all other “worth to know” information. The list does not include tones of other pages that I like and follow on my private profile.

The list will be growing larger since the city of Groningen is incredibly vivid and there is lots to communicate .

onlinegroningencom pageslikedandfollowingroningen

Clearly the world of social media and online marketing is very dynamic. Therefore, future updates to this (November) graphics of online pages liked and followed in Groningen can be expected.

Published by

OnlineGroningen.Com by Piotr Finkielsztajn

Building a diverse and inclusive community for internationals of Groningen to enable new connections, exchange of lessons learnt and staying up to date with selection of recent developments and news from Groningen and the region.

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