OnlineGroningen.Com – Reactivated

Hallo folks, guess who is back? 🙂

After moving to Amsterdam in 2017 to follow my career at ING headquarters as an agile transformation expert and coach agile way of working, I decided to take the opportunity that the hybrid mode working brought (as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic) and in April 2022 I moved back from Amsterdam to Groningen to my beloved Oranjebuurt, where my Groningen-story started back in 2004.

I work in Amsterdam but remotely from Groningen and I travel once a week but most of the time I am back in the town because.. ‘er gaat niets boven Groningen’.

Thus, after more than 5 years of silence on OnlineGroningen.Com due to Amsterdam dedication, I decided to reactivate the website and related accounts to continue with delivering on the purpose that I once have set, and that is ‘to empower internationals of Groningen to connect, learn, exchange experiences and stay up to date with news and developments from Groningen and the surroundings’.

Happy to be back in Groningen, happy to connect again. Stay tuned!



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OnlineGroningen.Com by Piotr Finkielsztajn

Building a diverse and inclusive community for internationals of Groningen to enable new connections, exchange of lessons learnt and staying up to date with selection of recent developments and news from Groningen and the region.

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