A polish guy and 6,5M views on youtube. Groningen is in it.

In May 2014, MC Silk, a semi-famous in Poland but very talented and full of potential raper/artist went on a european tour shooting his videclip titled “Rap Nobody”, as he claims, in 7 different languages. He visited Groningen and stayed here couple of days.

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Internet of things in Groningen

Dagblad van het Noorden (the daily paper of the north-netherlands) has published on the 27th of October an article saying that VVD wants to launch in the Province of Groningen a project of nternet of things using thethingsnetwork-groningen.nl 

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Something Happening, Somewhere (Sohaso)

Something Happening Somewhere has recently created and uploaded on youtube a number of smashing sounds with many friends and upcoming talents. Label and events by Nuno dos Santos.

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Events in Groningen

Events in Groningen

djb-knelis-paradigm fot niels cornelis meijer
Djb Knelis at-Paradigm fot Niels Cornelis Meijer

Groningen is a city filled with interesting events happening every day. There are numerous events organised for students and otherwise hosted by places such as Simplon, Oosterpoort and Paradigm.
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Groningen, city of talent. Paradigm and Malbetrieb.

Groningen talents

One of the remarkable values of the city of Groningen is the huge amount of young and talented people who have access to all kinds of resources that are needed in order to propel further talent development and eventual career.

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