The Night Mayor of Groningen announced!


Oelinda de Vries, 22 year old citizen of Groningen and, as she describes herself, a party animal well-known among going-out students, has won the elections for the role of the Night Mayor of Groningen for 2016-2018.

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Internet of things in Groningen

Dagblad van het Noorden (the daily paper of the north-netherlands) has published on the 27th of October an article saying that VVD wants to launch in the Province of Groningen a project of nternet of things using 

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ING Social Media Report 2015, Amsterdam, 8 October 2015

ING published recently a report on social media and it’s impact on activities of PR professionals and journalists, news and news dissemination in 2015, looking at the Netherlands and several other countries in comparison. PDF version available in Dutch and English.

For full report visit the website of ING, or click here